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Tissue-Tek® FormaGo™ Formalin Safety System

Tissue-Tek® FormaGo™

Formalin Safety Just Got Safer

Formalin Absorption Pads

・Strong, durable and superb absorption
・Available in 2 sizes
・Reduce formalin vapor during grossing
・Easy to identify tiny tissue

Formalin Absorption Wipes

・Wipes off small formalin spills
・The thick sheet protects the hand from formalin
・Ideal as liner sheets for tissue transportation

Formalin Absorption Granules

・Absorbs large formalin spills
・Small jar for convenient handing
・Used granules can be collected and removed easily

Formalin Neutralizer

・1 pouch neutralizes 4L of 10% formalin(1 pouch for 2L of 20% formalin)
・Formalin is neutralized in 5 minutes
・Dissolves quickly for easy use

Formaldehyde Analysis Kit

・No pH adjustment required
・Verifies that formalin is properly neutralized
・Consistent results

Formalin Neutralizer Container

・Narrow opening reduces potential exposure
・Small container for easy handling
・Lightweight and portable

Tissue-Tek FormaGo Formalin Neutralizer Starter Kit
1 set:
・Formalin neutralizer 4 pouches
・Formalin absorption granules 1 jar
・Formalin absorption pads, medium 20 pads
・Formalin absorption pads, large 10 pads
・Formalin absorption wipes 25 wipes
・Neutralizer Container 1 unit
Tissue-Tek FormaGo Formalin Absorption Pads
210×135mm 20 pads/bag
250×200mm 10 pads/bag
Tissue-Tek FormaGo Formalin Absorption Wipes
25 wipes/pack
Tissue-Tek FormaGo Formalin Absorption Granules
2 jars(0.9kg/jar)
Tissue-Tek FormaGo Formalin Neutralizer
16 pouches(750g/pouch)
Tissue-Tek FormaGo Formaldehyde Analysis Kit
1 set(Contains less than 55% sodium hydroxide 20 - 55%)
Tissue-Tek FormaGo Formalin Neutralizer Container​
1 unit(Capacity:9.5L)

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