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Lab Aid® Ultra™ II Slide and Cassette Filing Cabinet System

Lab Aid® Ultra™ II

Safe, secure and trusted

Tissue-Tek Lab Aid Ultra II Slide and Cassette Filing Cabinet System is a large capacity universal storage unit for slides and cassettes with security features.

A sturdy steel construction ensures long-term use and a drawer lock guaranteeing specimen safety. The convenient removable trays accommodate up to 96,000 microscope slides or 22,000 blocks.

Filing cabinets can be bolted together and stacked two high for maximum storage capacity. Accessories include stackable trays with lids for temporary storage and a trolley with lockable wheels for mobile storage system.

Product description
Slide and Cassette Filing Cabinet System
Product name
Lab Aid Ultra II
Empty cabinet:123kg
Filled with 96,000 slides:585kg
Filled with 22,000 blocks:310kg

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