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Tissue-Tek® Sledge Microtome IVS-410 Sledge Microtome

Tissue-Tek® Sledge Microtome IVS-410

Manually operated sledge microtome with unique inverse-V type mechanism

No need of oiling during sectioning

Smooth sectioning can always be carried out, thanks to the built-in oil tank, which keeps the blade stand continually coated with the oil on track.

Adoption of one-touch type knife holder

One-touch type blade holder is adopted to allow the user to attach or detach a microtome blade in a simple and safer way.

Improvement in safety by adoption of magnetic stopper

Magnet-type stopper is adopted at the rear of the track for your safety, preventing the blade stand from slipping towards you during an operation.

Simpler in levelling microtome

Height-adjusting screws are provided at four corners of the microtome body, as well as the level and screwdriver which are standard accessories. These features makes it quite easier and simpler for the operator to perform the Microtome leveling which is indispensably required for sectioning.

Product description
Sledge Microtome
Product name
Tissue-Tek Sledge Microtome IVS-410
Approximately 34kg

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