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The Meiji era was a key period when the Western culture, including modern technologies, was introduced to Japan.
Keeping pace with such times, the company called Iwashiya, the predecessor of the present Sakura Finetek Japan, started a new business of manufacturing and selling medical equipment which was one of new industrial fields in the Meiji era.

    • 1871

      Origin of “Sakura Finetechnical Co., Ltd. (Sakura Finetek Japan, Co., Ltd.)”

    • 1883

      Gihei Matsumoto separately opened a division of medical equipment in Honcho, Nihonbashi-ku.

    • 1901

      The limited partnership Iwashiya Matsumoto Kikaiten was established.

    • 1907

      Trademark “Sakura” (cherry blossom) was legally registered.

    • 1914

      Start of manufacture and sales of “M.K. Microscope”, the first microscope of Japanese Production

    • 1917

      The limited partnership Matsumoto Seizousho was established.

    • 1934

      The limited partnership Matsumoto Seizousho was renamed Tiyoda Seizousho.

    • 1947

      The Tokyo headquarters office was completed.
      Restart of business after the end of the Second War.

    • 1949

      Tiyoda Optical Co., Ltd. manufactured the first phase-contrast microscope in Japan.

    • 1960

      The Tokyo headquarters building was completed.

    • 1962

      The company name was changed to Sakura Finetechnical Co., Ltd.

    • 1970

      Business partnership with American Sterilizer Company was approved by the governmental authorities.

    • 1971

      Sales partnership of Tissue-Tek? products with Miles-Sankyo Co., Ltd.

    • 1983

      The new Tokyo headquarter building was completed.

    • 1983

      Technical partnership with the Swedish company, Medscand AB, for an automated coverslipping machine

    • 1986

      Sakura Finetek USA, Inc., the local corporation in the United State, was established.

    • 1992

      The first Sakura pathology seminar (held in Kyoto)

    • 1993

      The European representative office was opened in Liden, Netherlands. It was reorganized as a local corporation in 1994.

    • 1995

      米Sakura purchased the cellular diagnostics business from Bayer Corporation, USA, to further strengthen and expand its worldwide strategies.

    • 1998

      The new headquarters building of Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. was completed.

    • 2000

      Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. completed the new development and manufacturing center (the second stage of construction).

    • 2001

      Sakura Finetek Japan Co., Ltd. was established.