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Genemed® Advanced Staining

Primary antibodies with high affinity and specificity for research use
Our primary antibodies are optimized and titrated for immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing using human formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections along with Genemed IHC Detection Systems and Ancillary reagents.

Highly-sensitive polymer detection systems for immunohistochemistry applications
Genemed’s sensitive and easy-touse detection systems enable strong staining signals with lowest possible background. We provide ready-to-use IHC detection reagents to meet variable needs, e.g. for mouse, or/and rabbit primary antibody; peroxidase (HRP) .
Primary Antibodies
Product name Product code Clone Host Size
CD3 60-0011-7 Poly Rabbit RTU 7 mL
CD20 B Cell 60-0010-7 L26 Mouse RTU 7 mL
Cytokeratin 60-0022-7 AE1/AE3 Mouse RTU 7 mL
Cytokeratin 7 60-0019-7 OV-TL 12/30 Mouse RTU 7 mL
Cytokeratin 20 60-0018-7 Ks20.8 Mouse RTU 7 mL
EMA 60-0030-7 GM008 Mouse RTU 7 mL
Ep-Cam 60-0190-7 VU-1D9 Mouse RTU 7 mL
GFAP 60-0032-7 Poly Rabbit RTU 7 mL
Ki-67 60-0078-7 GM010 Mouse RTU 7 mL
Human Kappa Light Chain 60-0037-7 HP6053 Mouse RTU 7 mL
Human Lambda Light Chain 60-0038-7 HP6054 Mouse RTU 7 mL
Thyroglobulin 60-0064-7 2H11/6E1 Mouse RTU 7 mL
TTF-1 60-0065-7 8G7G3/1 Mouse RTU 7 mL
※Intended Use:USA IVD, CE IVD, JPN RUO (IVD:In Vitro Diagnostic, RUO:Research Use Only)
※Application: Formalin-Fixed, Paraffi n-Embedded

Detection Kits
Product name Product code Size Kit Includes
Power-StainTM  1.0 kit
Poly HRP DAB for Mouse + Rabbit
52-0017 15mL Poly HRP Conjugate for Mouse + Rabbit,
DAB Chromogen and Buffer Solutions
54-0017 100mL
※Intended Use:USA IVD, CE IVD, JPN RUO (IVD:In Vitro Diagnostic, RUO:Research Use Only)

Ancillary Reagents
Description​ Product code Size
PBS Powder (1L of 10X per pouch) 10-0044 2 Pouches
(Tris Buffered Saline and 0.05% Tween 20),
pH 7.4 (20X)
10-0028 100 mL
Sensitive DAB Substrate Kit 10-0048 200 mL
Primary Antibody Diluent 10-0001 500 mL
C-Block (Casein Blocking Solution) 10-0040 100 mL
Blocking Solution 10-0032 100 mL
Citrate Buffer, pH 6 (20X) 10-0020 100 mL
Peroxidase Blocking Solution 10-0056 100 mL
Proteinase K 10-0024 50 mL
Tris EDTA Buffer, pH 9 (20X) 10-0037 100 mL

※The products are only available in a limited market. Please contact your Sakura regional manager for details.