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Tissue-Tek Film®

Automated Film Coverslipper

Combines speed and shortest drying time for fast slide review

High productivity
The Tissue-Tek Film Coverslipper is the fastest and only fi lm coverslipper in the world capable of connecting to the Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus stainer to increase laboratory productivity.
The Tissue-Tek Film Coverslipper’s unprecedented throughput of 1090 slides per hour remains unmatched.
The Coverslipping Film’s fast drying time minimizes the long wait time to air-dry trays of glass coverslipped slides.
This results in users providing clean high quality dried slides to the pathologists faster. It is also ideal for slide scanning and digital imaging, and reduced scanning errors.
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Product description Automated Film Coverslipper
Product name Tissue-Tek Film
Dimensions 720(W)×590(D)×690(H)mm 
Weight Approximately 75kg
Rated power supply AC100V 50/60Hz 1.5A
EC Declaration of Conformity
Instrument Engineering Change Notice
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