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Tissue-Tek® Glas

Automated Glass Coverslipper

Reliable coverslipping increased performance

The Tissue-Tek Glas Coverslipper, with its proven performance, delivers up to 420 slides per hour. Its clever, simple design makes it easy to operate. Load up to 60 slides at one time and walk away. In just minutes, clean, bubble-free, coverslipped slides are made available for review.

The Glas Coverslipper offers added security through its unique design. The slide arm carefully lifts each slide from the loading drawer by vacuum, eliminating those problems with normal gripping mechanisms, which can easily drop slides. It gently places the slide on a stage and moves the slide to the next position. The mounting medium is then applied, followed by the application of the coverglass. The coverglass and slide delivery systems have been designed to function quickly and efficiently, virtually eliminating coverglass and slide breakage.

Separate loading and receiving baskets are easy to load and remove. Loading baskets are 100% compatible with the Tissue-Tek DRS 2000 and Prisma Slide Stainers for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Ready-to-use Tissue-Tek Glas Mounting Medium and the convenient Glas Coverslips are compatible and designed for ease of use and no more direct handing.
Product description Automated Glass Coverslipper
Product name Tissue-Tek Glas
Dimensions 506(W)×634(D)×637(H)mm
Weight Approximately 69kg
Rated power supply ・115VAC 50/60Hz 1.7A
・220-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.85A