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Live Digital Microscope

Real-time slide review

The VisionTek Digital Microscope is a robotic imaging system that pathologists can use like a conventional microscope to view live up to 4 slides simultaneously or view multiple areas of the same slide at different magnifications (2.5x, 10x, 20x, 40x). Time to view is under 17 seconds. The VisionTek Digital Microscope is the ideal live or scanned slide review system for anatomical pathologists to use for intraoperative or second-opinion consults.

The VisionTek Digital Microscope incorporates a motorized brightfield optical system, together with multiple cameras, automated XYZ, IR and image-based autofocus to convert optical fields of view of specimen on glass slides, at various magnifications, into high-resolution digital images that are displayed in real time on a high-resolution monitor for ergonomic viewing.

The system is operated via software through a PC interface and can also be controlled remotely via the internet so live images can be shared by multiple remote viewers. The VisionTek Digital Microscope is also capable of rapid scanning of multiple Z planes of partial slides (PSI) or whole slides (WSI) for archiving and sharing, making it a truly versatile instrument for anatomical pathologists.
Product description Live Digital Microscope
Product name VisionTek
Dimensions 405(W)×520(D)×455(H)mm
Weight Approximately 35kg
Rated power supply 85~264VAC 47~63Hz